Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Second Post About Flag Twirling!

This is most of my "class" of some of my grandkids twirling flags to, "Me and My Gang".  They have a lot of fun.  I think they are so cute! The second video below is of some of the older girls twirling from behind.  This is so that if you want to practice with the video, you will know which way (right or left) to twirl your flags.  Remember, when marching, you always start with your left foot on the first beat.  These girls will be performing in the local 4th of July Parade this year.  They have been working hard on this song to get ready.

Twirling Flags to, "Me and My Gang", by Rascal Flats
Twirling Flags "From Behind" For Correct Practicing of the Routine, "Me and My Gang"  

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